APCC is  in Afton's honor to give back to the community

It started with the loss of the CEO's only daughter Afton who was killed April 18th 2002 at 17 years old by a drunk driver and now Appalachian Promise of Claiborne County  (APCC)  assist  those battling addiction by providing Certified Smart Recovery Programs in house to battle addiction. APCC  supports all Law Enforcement  and  with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) .  We strive to give back to the  community we love. We work  in the battle against  opioid's hands on  and we are anti suboxone.  We stand united with all  parties who  battle against drugs in our communities. 

Appalachian Promise of Claiborne County (APCC) at a Glance

 We Deal in Hope, Not Dope!

Appalachian Promise is a nonprofit business that offer's assistance for  those who truly desire a life change.  We provide workforce services to help sustain social and economic development in Claiborne County. We provide a hand up not out as well as  Recovery services  which includes the building blocks needing dealing with  addiction . We operate in conjunction with Homesteaders Inc. and the CCSD  the Fresh start Program for inmates in the Claiborne County Jail. Together we will make Claiborne County Strong one family at a time. 

A Bit About Us

"APCC has Faith in You"

Here at Appalachian Promise of Claiborne County (APCC), we’re committed to Claiborne County . You are our priority at APCC.  We provide  the following  services:

Parenting classes,  Certified Smart Recovery Program. Rehab location services are available with our facility. Our facility also offers Certified Grief Counseling Services.   We have a MADD Victims Advocate also on site full time. 

Smart recovery  round-table & individual support groups, educational workshops, family advocacy,  outreach assistance,  money management,   as well as free  wellness checks.  We  provide a place where you can come to for help and information, we believe in you and we deal in hope not dope. We love our community and look  forward to  providing  essential services including personal career assessments , job referral &  job placement, 10 panel urine drug screening  for employees and employer's,  job placement ,  application assistance, resume support and mentoring.  The facility also battles the  rage of drugs and prescription drug abuse.  Just imagine what we can achieve together!  We will help you get your life back on track if you desire it... People  deserve a second chance !


423-259-8189/ 832-377-5332 emergencies 

APCC supports Tennessee's Highway Patrol (THP) through Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)

Toys for Troopers will change hands now and be ran from APCC.  We proudly support THP, KSP & all Law enforcement.

Contact Us

Appalachian Promise of Claiborne County (APCC) Welcomes You

We Believe in a hand up not out !

We Proudly Support CCSD,  All Law Enforcement, & Support  Anti-Opioid #claibornecountystrong 

Appalachian Promise of Claiborne  County

Services Available


Disease Prevention & Self Help Services Free


Partnered with Generations United & other agencies making Grandfamilies lives easier because we're stronger together

We offer the Fresh Start Program for the Claiborne County Jail changing lives one inmate at a time. Made possible by the CCSD, APCC & Homesteaders Anthony Mountain  

We are proud to provide the Fresh-Start Program for the Inmates of Claiborne County Justice Center . This innovative program is paving the way to prevent future offenses. APCC is very pleased with this program. 





P.O. BOX 443



never look back your not going that direction 

APCC is open to support and give back to the community in the loving memory of Afton, may she always be in our hearts and never forgotten.

"APCC has Faith in You"!




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